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God's Plan For The Ages,
The Blueprint of Bible Prophecy
God's Plan For The Ages, <BR>The Blueprint of Bible Prophecy
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    Price: $15.00
    Dr. David Reagan's
    New Book!

    In this 415 page book, Dr. Reagan presents a panoramic survey of the fundamentals of Bible Prophecy, with a focus on the prophecies that related to the end times. In the process, he reveals God's plan for the redemption of mankind and the restoration of the creation.

    Dr. David R. Reagan, is senior evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries.

    Chapters cover in this book:

    Part One Prophetic Significance

    • The Importance of Prophecy
    • The Abuse of Prophecy
    • The Range of Prophecy
    • The Interpretation of Prophecy
    • The Messiah in Prophecy
    • Prophecy and Evolution
    • Prophecy and Salvation

    Part Two Prophetic Issues

    • The Jews in Prophecy
    • The Arabs Prophecy
    • Empires in Prophecy
    • The Nations in Prophecy
    • The United States in Prophecy
    • Babylon in Prophecy
    • Jerusalem in Prophecy
    • The Church in Prophecy
    • The Earth in Prophecy
    • The Wrath of God
    • The Antichrist
    • The Meaning of Heaven
    • The Nature of Hell

    Part Three Prophetic Views

    • End Time Viewpoints
    • Amillennial Problems
    • Postmilennialism
    • Preterism
    • The Return of Jesus
    • The Rapture
    • The Tribulation
    • The Millennium

    Part Four Prophetic Signs

    • Date Setting
    • The Signs of the Times
    • Modern Day Signs
    • The Exponential Curve
    • Growing Apostasy in the Church
    • The Explosion of Cults
    • The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
    • The Revival of Davidic Worship
    • The Most Important Sign

    Part Five Prophetic Hope

    • Eternal Destiny
    • Resurrections and Judgments
    • Rewards
    • Lifestyle
    • Attitude

    Part Six Prophetic Epilogue

    • Psalm 2: The King is Coming
    • Appendix 1 Recommended Books on Bible Prophecy
    • Appendix 2 Recommended Prophecy Ministries

    The book is written in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand style. Although all the chapters relate to the overall theme, each chapter is designed to stand alone. This makes it possible for you either to read the book straight through or to skip around, reading only those chapters whose topics appeal to you.

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