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Wrath And Glory / Unveiling the Majestic Book of Revelation
Wrath And Glory / Unveiling the Majestic Book of Revelation
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    Dr. Reagan's newest book, Wrath & Glory, presents a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand explanation of the book of Revelation. In addition to providing keys to understanding the book, Dr. Reagan provides a chapter by chapter summary of the book. He then responds to the most frequently asked questions about the book. He surveys the various ways in which the book has been interpreted and concludes by showing how the book relates to daily Christian living.

    "This book I believe is a must read for all who are serious about understanding the Book of Revelation. I recommend this book whole heartily to all of the readers and Partners of this Ministries." Evangelist Donald Perkins.

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    The book is divided into Five Chapters.

    Chapter #1 entitled - Understanding Revelation

    Is it possible to understand Revelation and, if so, what are the keys?

    Chapter #2 entitled - Interpreting Revelation

    An overview of the entire book, chapter by chapter.

    Chapter #3 entitled - Systematizing Revelation

    How do the events portrayed in Revelation relate to each other and to other end-time prophecies?

    Chapter #4 entitled - Probing Revelation

    Taking a look at the most frequently asked questions about Revelation.

    Chapter #5 entitled - Applying Revelation

    Lessons from Revelation that apply to Christian living, here and now.

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