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Understanding the Book of Revelation Dvd #8
Understanding the Book of Revelation Dvd #8
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    Code: DVD-00316
    Price: $12.00
    Understanding the Book of Revelation - TV Program Dvd Series

    This is a wonderful 3 TV program Dvd series, on understanding the Book of Revelation. In this series we are studying the Book of Revelation, it is designed to give you a verse by verse general overview to help take the fear out of studying this great book of Bible Prophecy.

    The Messages in this series:

    Understanding the Book of Revelation Dvd Series:

    Program #22 - : Revelation Chapter #7 - The Great Tribulation Saints

    Program #23 - : Revelation Chapters # 8 & 9 - The Trumpet Judgments - The Judgment of the Locust out of the Bottomless Pit

    Program #24 - : Revelation Chapters # 9 - The Trumpet Judgments - The Four Angels of the Great river Euphrates & a 1/3 of humanity losing their lives

    This Dvd series is taken from our TV program, "Your Future In Bible Prophecy" which airs on Hischannel TV Network.

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